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Nov 2018

Dialogue Options Podcast Presents: Hunting Options

November 14, 2018

Greetings Listeners!

We are back with another episode of the Dialo......wait.....what? Something's different.....

Who's that guy hosting the show? Why are they talking about most anticipated movie releases for the rest of the year? And why did Joel forget to order food for Kyran?!

Don't stress folks, we haven't been taken over like those facebook groups that sell off the name and rebrand, it's just a CROSS OVER EPISODE!

For one week only, we join forces with Hunting Seasons to become Hunting Options! A show where we take one season of a video game and break it down episode by episode. And for our inaugural episode, we have chosen Life Is Strange! 

Come join us and Broderick Gordes from Hunting Seasons as we relive all the choices, all the twists and all the hearbreaking moments of DontNod's time travelling epic!


00:03:55 - Nope Topic/Dope Topic

00:55:20 - Quest Review

01:35:07 - Bonus Dive


We'd like to thank Brod for joining forces with us, and if you wanna check out Hunting Seasons (which you absolutely should) you can find them at:

Twitter: @huntingscast


Or you can find Brod himself at:

Brod: @bgordes


And if you want to hit us up you can do so here!

Email: contact@dialogueoptions.com

Website: www.dialogueoptions.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dialogueoptions

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DialogueOptions

Joel: https://twitter.com/joelymac

Kyran: https://twitter.com/lemonmanx


We will Be back with a regular episode next week, until then we hope you enjoy!