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Jul 2021

Dialogue Options Podcast Episode 183: Steam Deck Does What Nintendon’t

July 21, 2021

Greetings listeners!

On this week's episode of the show Joel's been playing Boomerang X and gives Kyran the low down on it in the Quest, additionally we talk a little too much about Mass Effect without saying anything because we can't help ourselves, and Kyran has reached credits on Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart. He also tries to convince Joel to play Metroid (and hopefully Zero Mission) as we close in on Metroid's 35th anniversary early next month, he also invites any listeners to do the same and hit him on Twitter or via e-mail if you've got any thoughts you want to share on them.

Meanwhile, over in Dope or Nope we got a massive announcement from Valve last week as they fully unveiled the Steam Deck, a portable PC that is pretty much what many people hoped the currently non-existent Switch Pro would be. We go over the prices and specs (while also lamenting it not being available in our region yet) before moving onto the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) and Nintendo's new statement in response to a Bloomberg piece about its profits margins whilst also taking some time to talk about the new model. We also look at the reveal trailer for the newest Ubisoft Original Tom Clancy's XDefiant, talk about how many EA is going a bit too far about keeping everyone's expectations in check for the imminent EA Play this week, and get cautiously excited about Atlus preparing to celebrate the Persona series hitting its 25th anniversary starting from September of this year.

Segment Time Codes
Quest Log: 00:14:57
Dope or Nope: 00:55:44

As always thank you for listening, if you are reading this and want to share anything about your time with the Metroid series then now's your chance to get in touch with us using the links below. Next episode Kyran will no doubt find time to rant about his love for it with actual purpose.

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